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Our middle child moved out in the summer, we hardly heard from her unless we called her. She is enjoying her independence and freedom. On the other hand, she is facing the reality of having no extra money since everything she earns goes to rent, utility, internet, transportation and (barely enough) food. In her words, “her social life sucks”. In order to have more money to socialize, she is now working a second job for the same restaurant chain.

Apparently the restaurant business is amazingly smart. They wouldn’t give her a second job in the same restaurant where she is already working, but at another branch in another city (it takes her more time and money to get there), so they don’t have to pay her overtime or give her enough hours at the same restaurant to warrant her a full time employee and give her benefits. Despite the appalling treatment, our daughter accepts it citing that she is still an apprentice with them. While I applaud her “suck it up” attitude, I can’t help but feel for her being taken advantage of.

With his younger sister now independent, our eldest has been itching to move out again – can’t be out done by a younger sibling! So it now looks like he too will be moving out next month. But this time, he is moving out with his girlfriend … there will be new learning and adjustments, I’m sure. I hope they will both treat this as a commitment, not a trial co-habitation experiment.

Our youngest child is still home, sort of. She is treating home more like a hotel and comes and goes as she pleases most of the time. When she didn’t come home one night (she stayed with her sister), she scared us out of our wits when we discovered her empty room in the morning. We found this disrespectful behaviour unacceptable. After some frantic calls and texts and profusion of apologies, she swore she would never do it again, things calmed.

While I accept that this day will come (the empty nesting stage) … it is coming faster than I’m prepared for it. It is AWESOME that they are being independent and more responsible, it IS what we hope for our children. Two down, one to go.


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