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I have been away all week on a business trip, returning on Mother’s Day. Despite the mutual frustrations and sometimes undesirable behaviours exhibited by our children (and sadly, sometimes me), like most parents, I wonder more than I care to admit if I had been a responsible and effective mom raising our children. I had gotten up at 6 am to catch two flights to come home, at the airport when I had lots of time for my mind to wander and to mull over my parenting, I couldn’t help but wondered :

  • Did I do a good enough job as a parent?
  • Did we teach them right from wrong? good from bad? the values that really matter in life?
  • Did we tell and show them often enough that we are proud of them and believe in them?
  • Did the kids notice I had been gone all week? (I did speak to 2 of them a couple of times if only for a few minutes on Skype)
  • Did they miss me?
  • Would they even notice that the day I was coming home was Mother’s Day?

Abiding by the airline rules, I turned off my cell phone once I boarded the plane and didn’t turn it back on until the plane landed. As multiple emails started populating my phone while taxiing to the terminal, I saw a text message from our middle daughter, JA, “Happy Mother’s Day, mum! See you after work …” I secretly imagined pumping my fist in the air with a “Yes, she remembers”.

I had arranged for our son to pick me up at the airport. I  thought I had to wait for 1.5 hrs at the airport as he told me he wouldn’t get off work to get there on time when I arrived, so I was resigned to have a coffee and wait. But he got off work early and he was there to greet me, with a small bouquet of lilies for Mother’s Day. Another remembered. I thought, “Good, two out of three is not bad at all.”

Once home, I got caught up with the local newspapers with a cup of tea in hand, when our youngest daughter came home from work. A cheery “I’m home. Mom, are your there?” followed by a big smile and hug and a “Happy Mother’s Day”, a small dark purple calla lily potted plant was thrusted at me – that, I did not anticipate at all.

Sometimes small miracles happen. It is moments like these that remind me that we have three AWESOME children, and that may be, just may be we did ok as parents. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME for each of our kids!


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