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I’m on a business trip and staying at a B&B. The owner operator of this gorgeous B&B by the ocean is a mother of a 16 year old daughter, L. Like many parents with teenagers, she is going through the insufferable teenage years. From an outsider’s perspective (mine), her daughter does not seem out of control – she is not lippy, not overly demanding and quite smart and athletic. I am certain I am only seeing a minute side of her, but I understand the mom’s exasperation, undeserved indignity and frustration when minor inconsequential incidents became out of proportion disasters.

The teenage daughter’s 16th birthday is tomorrow. A wonderful party and meal are being planned, friends will gather for a scavenger hunt, a steak dinner with all the trimmings and side dishes, and I’m sure many presents. Both mom and dad are doing so much to make it a wonderful day for her.

In this day and age, the kids seem to have everything they could possibly want and parents are bending over backwards to make their kids’ lives easier and more enjoyable than what they themselves had experienced. Yet, there seems an unspoken expectation of “gimmes”.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, All mothers should have an AWESOME day. I hope L will remember to honour her mom and all the wonderful things she has done to support her. I wonder if my children will remember that I will be home on Sunday to spend Mother’s Day with them?


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