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Sometimes life throws you fast balls that you can’t catch, and sometimes it throws several fast balls at the same time.

First, we had a roof leak during one weekend, when it was just pouring rain of course. No one worked on the weekend, and no one wanted to climb up on our roof because its pitch is too steep and slippery in the rain. We got that fixed after shelling out several hundred dollars.

Then, I got rear ended in a car accident. At first, I didn’t think the damage was that significant, but the guy hit my car hard enough to have twisted the frame, so it was totalled. We are now having to better coordinate our schedules to share the available vehicles amongst all the family members.

Third, my husband lost his job. It is not a good thing when one is near retirement age, very specialized in his field, and not prepared to start from the bottom. All this happened because the parent company in China decided to close down the North America operations, but didn’t want to pay severances to the staff so they decided to declare bankruptcy instead. It is a long story, but I see this as an unethical practice. I cannot understand how a company can treat its own people like this.

On top of all of this, my dad went into the hospital due to a seizure, cause still unknown. He’s been there for 1.5 weeks now, but then again he is 90.

It almost felt like a “test my mettle” month. I am trying hard to focus on the AWESOME aspects of things …

— no one got hurt in the car accident

— the insurance company paid us a reasonable amount for the car

— the roof is fixed, the wall will eventually be replaced and I get to put on a fresh layer of paint in the bathroom

— I get to have lunch with hubby almost everyday

— Maybe my husband can use this new opportunity to establish himself as a consultant

— My dad will be discharged later this week

— It’s a sunny and lovely day outside

I know that this too shall pass, and I’m appreciating whatever AWESOMENESS I can find.


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