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Another Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. Despite all the trials and tribulations with our youngest in recent months, I feel blessed and grateful to have my family around. All the kids were home for Thanksgiving dinner. The kids played games with my husband while I cooked, there were wonderful laughter and conversations, and of course, lots of turkey and great food. Our chef to be daughter made delicious pecan pies for dessert.

My own family (of origin) is growing leaps and bounds with 2 new babies added to the family this year. All counted, there are now 29 of us just on my side of the family, not including boyfriends and girlfriends. Even my 90 year old dad is mellowing … he noticed all the hard work people have put into the big family Thanksgiving and expressed appreciation. Well, better late than never, I suppose. I only wish he had done that when my mom was still alive.

In a way, I feel sad that most families today are getting smaller and smaller. I love the big group gatherings, sharing the warmth and closeness of being in a big family. I love hearing the kids yakking away, telling their stories and sharing their life experiences.

Regardless, it was an AWESOME Thanksgiving weekend. I’m giving thanks and I’m at the receiving end as well. There is nothing better than having my family close by and everyone feeling appreciated. It’s AWESOME to be giving and receiving thanks.


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My husband dropped his wallet on Thanksgiving Monday somewhere in a park without even realizing it. I was preparing our turkey dinner at home when I got a call from a stranger telling me that she found his wallet. While I was on the phone with her, my husband arrived home, still oblivious that his wallet was gone.

This lady, Susan, and her husband kindly agreed to wait for us (30 minutes) to drive back to the park to pick up the wallet. Everything was intact inside, no money was lost, credit cards and all the IDs were still there. She must have found it before anyone else.

In a world where greed, lies and disrespect seem to prevail, this kindness and honesty reminded me that there is still humanity left in our little corner of the world, that there are still AWESOME people around who genuinely care. We had extra thanks to give this Thanksgiving. May the kindness of these strangers be returned to them in many different ways … good karma deserves good karma. AWESOME!!!

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Two down and one to go, and the one who is left behind is itching to go too. How fast life is changing!

This Thanksgiving will be the first where we won’t have everyone in our family together because our kids have their own lives now, and some have to work. This realization dawned on me that soon, may be even within a year or two, that we may truly become empty nesters.

This prospect is somewhat scary … what will my husband and I talk about, if not the kids? What will our extra time and energy be spent on, if not the kids? Will our kids think about and be concerned with us as we do them? Are we going to really consider “retiring” so we can do the things we have always wanted to do? Can we afford to really “retire”? What is enough? So many questions to ponder.

Yet, having experienced my father-in-law’s heart attack this spring and moving them closer to family members last weekend had shed light and insight on enjoying life while one can, being ready to downsize and moving close to family and amenities at the right times. After over 20 years of children rearing and caring, may be it is our turn to enjoy life a bit without being too extravagant.

I need to be thankful for so many things …

  • our children (well, almost all of them) living their own lives, being responsible, happy and healthy, and a contributing member of society
  • our own health with no major problems
  • our families coming together and supporting each other when crisis occurs
  • friends who show up in our lives at just the right times when we need some support or encouragement
  • my sisters and girlfriends
  • our love for each other, through thick and thin
  • and so much more …

My life is AWESOME, and THAT is what I need to remind myself of more often, not just once a year. Happy Thanksgiving.

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When I started this little blog, it was with no expectations. Besides my own families and friends, I really didn’t think anyone else would care to read it. Besides, I didn’t advertise or link it anywhere to let anyone know about it.

When I realized that strangers were reading my blog, and some were actually liking it, I was more than a little surprised. At first, it felt a little weird, but gradually I got used to it. May be the readers are/were parents too, may be they are experiencing or have experienced similar situations. Less likely, but may be they are young people who are children to parents whom might have expressed similar sentiments.

You, my dear readers, can tell that I really don’t have that many people reading my blog, and I don’t have a lot of followers. A million hits or thousands of readers is not what I seek when I write. What I sought and continue to seek is merely an outlet for my thoughts and feelings – sometimes it was not awesomeness at all that caused me to write, at times it was actually frustration, disappointment, sadness or even anger. Writing this blog forces me to find awesomeness amongst the tangle of feelings was what made me appreciative. It’s like finding unexpected money that you have forgotten in your pants pockets, or finding something that you thought you have lost forever.

So, I feel flattered and honored that people actually read and like my blog, my musings and appreciation of awesomeness. Admittedly and transparently, I’m telling you that I am lazy and perhaps even a bit impersonal, nonetheless, my gratitude is genuine when I say I want to say thank you to everyone of you who has read my blog, followed it and liked it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Remember that you too, can find AWESOMENESS … look and listen harder, wade in deeper. It’s never too early to give thanks either.

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