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Another Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. Despite all the trials and tribulations with our youngest in recent months, I feel blessed and grateful to have my family around. All the kids were home for Thanksgiving dinner. The kids played games with my husband while I cooked, there were wonderful laughter and conversations, and of course, lots of turkey and great food. Our chef to be daughter made delicious pecan pies for dessert.

My own family (of origin) is growing leaps and bounds with 2 new babies added to the family this year. All counted, there are now 29 of us just on my side of the family, not including boyfriends and girlfriends. Even my 90 year old dad is mellowing … he noticed all the hard work people have put into the big family Thanksgiving and expressed appreciation. Well, better late than never, I suppose. I only wish he had done that when my mom was still alive.

In a way, I feel sad that most families today are getting smaller and smaller. I love the big group gatherings, sharing the warmth and closeness of being in a big family. I love hearing the kids yakking away, telling their stories and sharing their life experiences.

Regardless, it was an AWESOME Thanksgiving weekend. I’m giving thanks and I’m at the receiving end as well. There is nothing better than having my family close by and everyone feeling appreciated. It’s AWESOME to be giving and receiving thanks.


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As our children grow up, they are spending less and less time with us. Despite the fact that  we will have to postpone our traditional celebration on Christmas Eve, I still feel blessed to have them home for Christmas on Christmas Day.

Recently, I over heard one of our kids describing our family traditions of celebrating Christmas to one of their friends. Even though it was described as if it were a boring and mundane process before they get to open their presents, I am heartened to hear that the years of doing the same things at Christmas paid off, and can now be considered family traditions.

Imagine this bit of conversation, expressed with our kid’s exaggerated tone of boredom and having to put up with this year after year at Christmas:

“After our turkey dinner .. and oh oh oh (arms flailing to emphasize this point), the stuffing is the best part (mom’s feeling pleased) … then we’d have to sit through my dad reading a piece from the bible. Then we’d have to sing Christmas carols FOREVER (with much exacerbation) and EVERYONE has to choose a song … it takes like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Then we get to open our presents. Of course, we don’t get Santa’s presents until the morning along with our stocking stuffers …”

Christmas is about family traditions, being together and enjoying each other’s company, conversations and catching up. I love Christmas for these things more than anything else. Family traditions are important to me, and I hope they get to be carried over generations to come. Family traditions at Christmas – AWESOME!

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It’s a wonderful life

Turkey soup is simmering on the stove, even though we have had several turkey dinners / meals, the aroma fills the room making me hungry for more turkey. Platefuls of cookies, at least 10 different kinds, cakes and bowlful of mandarin oranges are laid out on the counter, waiting to be eaten. Everyone else is playing a Canasta game in the dining room with the grandparents. I can’t ask for more. It’s the kind of homey scene I love. Plain AWESOME!


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